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About us

Castlo International General Trading and Contracting Company WLL and its associate companies are a Kuwaiti company operating in several fields, and have activities in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
After a careful follow-up of the development of work and investment in Kuwait and the region’s markets, the founders made sure to take into account the tremendous development that took place in the Kuwaiti market, especially in the oil and gas sector, construction, infrastructure, roads and bridges, and Castlo obtained the trust of major international companies and were granted exclusive agencies to the market Kuwaiti and Arab Gulf region markets.
The organizers were keen on setting a clear and time-bound business strategy to implement their work programs in the Kuwaiti and regional markets, after conducting extensive studies of the market needs and outputs, and from this standpoint work teams were formed to study the market needs and the needs of international companies in the Kuwaiti market and facilitate their work To find a suitable ground for investment
The company Castlo works in the areas of:
* General Trading and Contracting
* Iron trade - iron contracting - steel pipes
Selling ready-made tubes and accessories
* Marine contracting
* Drawing ground water, digging foundations, and fixing pedestals
* Roads, sewage and bridges Contracting
* Contracting for installing stone, marble and kashi
* Insulation materials contracting
* General trade in construction materials and real estate
* Building Materials
* Buying and selling oil and its derivatives outside Kuwait
* Coal
* Central market for non-food items
* Importing medicines and medical supplies
* Medical devices and accessories
* Pharmaceutical preparations
* Trading in all medical equipment, supplies and tools

our mission

We provide our customers with best value in mechanical works, accomplish our goals through competent employees strong on work ethic, motivated by personal responsibility and trust.

our goals

1- help our partners reaching their careers distenation
2- apply a new education system in egypt which is related to implement the business basis on your own projects ,services,position and life
3- to help you to meet your dream career
4- to deliver a eurpean business education experience

our values

1- shoulder to shoulder with out clients
2- high quality training experience
3- to let you feel the diffrence
4- our clients always deserve the best
5-conditional information for our partners
6- tailored training maximizing value

our vision

enhance quality of life by full mangement solutions & education